Daily Lesson Plan - Malaysia My Country

Year 4: English Lesson Plan
Subject: English Language
Class:  4 Perdana
Date: 08.08.2011
Time: 07.45 am – 08.45am
Enrolment: 44 ( 20 Boys, 24 Girls )
Theme: Malaysia My Country
Topic: Lesson 8, Let’s read and arrange
Focal Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
Integrated Skills: 1.5.2 Listen to simple text and recall details by answering simple ‘wh’ question.
2.2.3 Ask Question to seek clarification on how to make things, on places, direction and on amount and quality.
3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs.
4.8.2 Write simple sentences with word and picture clues.
Previous Skills: Pupils know places of interest in Malaysia.
Keywords: Festival, Multi- Racial, races, ethnic, main idea and supporting details.
Learning Outcome: By the ends of this lesson pupils should be able to:
1.             Obtain information from text listened to in relation to main ideas, specific details and sequence.
2.             Acquire word recognition and word at tact skill to recognize word on sight.
Multiple Intelligence (MI): Visual-Spatial, Verbal Linguistic
Thinking Skills: Spelling and Inference
Value and Citizenship (VC): Unity, Living Harmony, Tolerance
Teaching Aids (TA): Picture of Difference Races in Malaysia. Postcard of Festival in Malaysia, Broachers, Manila Card and Majong Paper.

Skills Knowledge
Teaching and Learning  activities
Notes / Remarks
Set Induction
(5 Minutes)
1.     Teacher shows picture of 1 Malaysia Traditional Customs
2.     Teacher asks the pupils to name the Traditional customs in Malaysia.
3.     Teacher asks the pupils to name the races in Malaysia.
4.     Teacher highlight the difference between customs and traditions of various races but stress the importance of tolerance and respect for each other beliefs, customs and traditions
Multiple Intelligence:
Verbal-Linguistic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.
Moral Value: Unity and Living In Harmony
Teaching Aids (TA): Picture of 1 Malaysia Traditional Customs.
(15 Minutes)
1.     Teacher shows a postcard of Festival celebration in Malaysia.
2.     Teacher explains to the pupils why there is a lot of festival season in Malaysia.
3.     Teacher explains the races in Malaysia.
i)              Malays
ii)             India
iii)            Chinese
iv)            Iban
v)             Kadazan/Dusun
4.     Teacher insists the moral value to be implemented in daily life.
i)              Respect each other
ii)             Live in harmony
iii)            Unity
Multiple Intelligence (MI)
1.     Verbal Spatial
2.     Verbal Linguistic
3.     Inter Personal
4.     Intra Personal
Teaching Skills:
Moral Value: Unity, Living In Harmony and Respect each other.
Teaching Aids: Post Card, Picture and simple text inside the festival post card.
Practice and Development
(20 Minutes)
1.     Teacher asks the pupils to look at the three pictures below first paragraph and identify the festival (Wesak Day, Thaipusam and Hari Raya Puasa). Textbook page 137
2.     Teacher asks the pupils to give opinion about the three festival mentioned at the textbook.
3.     Teacher asks the pupils to separate the main idea and supporting details from the paragraph.
4.     Teacher asks the pupil to be in their group and give them an envelope, discuss it and fill in the blank with correct words. Appendix 1.3
5.     Teacher discusses the answer at paste it into mahjong paper and display it after stick it at the black board.
Multiple Intelligence: Verbal Linguistic
Moral Value: Cooperative
Teaching Aids: Textbook Page 137, Flash Card, envelope, black board, worksheet and Mahjong paper.
Teaching Skills: Communicating
(10 Minutes)

1.     Teacher gives another worksheet for the pupils. Appendix 1.4
2.     Teacher asks the pupils to paste the exercise at the E3 book.
3.     Teacher chooses randomly one of the pupils to come forward and read out loud the writing.
4.     Teacher makes correction and displays it at the black board.
Multiple Intelligence:
Teaching Aids:
(10 Minutes)
1.     Teacher asks the pupils to draw a picture of traditional customs for Malays, Indian and Chinese.
2.     Teacher asks the pupils to name the customs. Draw the picture inside the E3 books.
Multiple Intelligence:
Teaching Aids:
(5 Minutes)
1.     Teacher sums up the lesson by asking the pupils
2.     What they have learn today
3.     What are the races in Malaysia?
4.     Name the festival Celebrated in Malaysia.
5.     Insist on Moral Value
Moral Value: Unity, Living In Harmony